Dating Mobile PWA App / Website Hybrid

DateSkip – a Dating Mobile App / Website Hybrid Development

Dateskip is a simple search, rating and database site that lets dates know how they’re doing – as politely as possible – so everyone can get their game right next time. Dateskip is easy to use and totally anonymous. You don’t even have to login to search for your next date or submit a bad date.

Rating a date on DateSkip

Rating a date on DateSkip

“Dateskip is quality control for dating to help people adjust and fulfill their dating goals, whether it’s a long term relationship, or just hooking up and having fun”

This is a brief explanation of the dating mobile App/Website hybrid we developed for this client. DateSkip is a hybrid between a what is considered a mobile app and a website because the developed platform is not a native mobile app but more like a regular website. However the website is completely oriented towards mobile devices and there is a special guide on how to make this website instantly accessible from the phone’s quick start dashboard with all other app icons.The system allows any visitor to search or rate a date – an online username by which the person is registered on some of the well known dating social networks. The app also offers dating tips.

In the process of rating a date, the visitor is presented with sliders for ranking different character parameters, like “profile”, “integrity”, “social skills”, “looks”. If the same username receives more than one rating, then a statistical report will be generated for that username presenting the average numbers for each of the four parameters.

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