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NeaVizion SEO Services

If you hear someone telling you “We guarantee 1st position on Google”, be sure, they are scamming you! No one can guarantee the 1st position as Google often change their algorithms silently, and competitors are paying heavy money for SEO too, however we can guarantee that you will have the 1st position in our priorities and we will do our best to provide search engines with the right signals, so they can present you and your business website as high as possible and hopefully on the 1st page!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of configuring a website in a way that will improve visibility for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO assists search engines in crawling, indexing and understanding a website’s content more effectively. The goal is for a website to appear more frequently in the organic (not paid) search engine’s listings. The benefits of SEO are increasing visits to the website, increasing brand exposure and ultimately boosting company revenue.

NeaVizion offers two levels of SEO services:

Basic SEO Services

  • Consulting calls with you and selecting up to 5 keywords/phrases by your choice.
  • Checking the existing content for possible interlinking opportunities (on-page SEO). This means interconnecting the content with links using the above defined important keywords which would tell Google (and other search engines) that this keyword is important for this topic and we are linking to it. This will bring more value to the page we are linking to.
  • Checking photos for proper SEO tags.
  • Installing and tracking Google Analytics
  • Checking Website Speed
  • Creating Google Webmaster Account for you and Bing Webmaster Account from where we can take several SEO actions directly to the search engine.
  • Create sitemap for pages, blog articles, images and videos and submitting sitemap to Google and Bing.
  • Requesting Google Fetch and checking how Google “sees” the pages.
  • Hand-crafted, unique Title, Description and Keyword META tags
  • Keyword optimization of on page content
  • On and off-site anchor text optimization
  • Maintenance of SEO pages based Google and Yahoo search engine algorithm updates (which happen several times a year).
  • Basic SEO and Google Analytics Report

Advanced SEO (+ Marketing) Services

  • Includes all from the Basic SEO Plan, plus:
  • Consulting calls with you and selecting up to 10 keywords/phrases by your choice.
  • Extensive keyword research and SEO strategy done by us.
  • Keyword Research and Report on possible SEO gains. If the selected keyword(s) is already on saturated market, we would advice going with another keyword or making the keyword a long-tail phrase to have better chances of ranking on first pages. We will help you define keywords where you can really have an effect and get high rankings.
  • Setting up and tracking conversion goals.
  • Page specific metrics, like number of entrances per page, number or exists, bounce rate. Top ranking pages of the website, worst ranking pages.
  • Analysis of which search queries bring most traffic to the website. Sometimes people find your website by keywords you didn’t even thought of. We will use this data to see if what people are using to find find your website is worth converting to a priority keyword (one of the 10).
  • Setting up MailChimp account.
  • Setting up Lead generation forms on the website. We will add forms which will be automatically connected with MailChimp where you can build your list of subscribers.
  • Help in creating Mailchimp Newsletters for your Subscribers.
  • Setting up Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts for you.
  • Setting up social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.
  • Posting (sharing articles) on social media on your behalf.
  • Running Google and Facebook ads from the invested budget.
  • Scanning and fixing broken links so we can keep the search engines happy. A broken link tells the search engine that the website is not professional enough to be ranked on top spots.
  • Actionable and extensive SEO Report, reporting on monthly shifts in rakings for all 10 keywords, and statuses for all parameters included in the Advanced SEO pack.
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