NeaVizion – The New Vision


Who We Are?

NeaVizion started as an European based project created by a group of enthusiasts, professional experts who truly love what they do.

The core of NeaVizion is built by people with more than 15 years of experience in the fields of graphical and web design, web programming and development of complex content management systems and web applications, internet solutions including domains, hosting, SEO, social marketing services and similar, a worthy experience gathered from companies and projects in Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Macedonia…) as well as in USA, Canada and Australia.

Our Vision

At NeaVizion we have our own vision, one target and aim, which is to provide the best services, build serious and professional relationship with our clients and offer the highest quality in products and services for our customers.

We are completely devoted to the success of our valued clients and their businesses.

Your website is like our website too, your success is our success too, we are happy only when you are smiling.

Our “Soul”

The “soul” of  NeaVizion can be simply described with the following personal characteristics:

  • dedication
  • involvement
  • availability
  • professionalism
  • consistency
  • efficiency

 What we guarantee for your project is:

  • full time dedicated web designer/developer
  • guaranteed 3h per day dedicated lead developer/expert
  • full time support team

Our employees will never start working on another project until they successfully finish the project they have been assigned on.

To check the full list of our services feel free to visit this page.