NeaVizion – The New Vision


Our Vision

At NeaVizion we have our own vision – to provide the best services, build a serious and professional relationship with our clients and offer the highest quality in products and services for our customers.

We are completely devoted to the success of our valued clients and their businesses.

Your website is like our website too, your success is our success too, we are happy only when you are smiling.

Our Story

NeaVizion started as a freelance project in the distant 2012 initiated by our founder, Martin Apostolov. Martin brought 9 years of experience in web development and project management gained in a company that dealt with IT technology services. That helped NeaVizion to establish itself as a serious, reliable, and professional service provider for its customers.

NeaVizion initially started offering conversion of old Flash-based websites to new technologies, mostly WordPress and Joomla, but soon after that, the service spread to many other branches such as creating new websites built from scratch, graphic design, newsletter design, digital marketing, SEO, e-commerce, etc… With the continuous and professional approach to each project, commitment to work, tireless creation of functional solutions that brought value, and improving the web presence for our clients, the number of projects has increased exponentially, which led to the need for team expansion. Initially, the team expanded with external collaborators on the principle of remote working, and soon after, the team moved to the office space.

With the constant growth of the team, the number of requests and new projects, and the need for serious management, the logical progression required NeaVizion to grow into a registered company in 2019.

Today NeaVizion is considered a serious digital growth partner for small and medium businesses from all sides of the world.

Our “Soul”

The “soul” of  NeaVizion can be simply described with the following personal characteristics:

  • dedication
  • involvement
  • availability
  • professionalism
  • consistency
  • efficiency