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Subscription based Info Portal for Consulting Agency


About Pro Agens

Pro Agens Agency established in 1995, is one of the leading companies for tax, financial, accounting, legal and management consulting in the Republic of Macedonia. It offers professional consulting services to its clients with the status of “subscriber” in the private, public and non-governmental sector, and for external entities or “non-subscribers” (residents and non-residents) it offers consulting services on the basis of special engagement in separate economic and legal areas.

The Problem

Pro Agens approached NeaVizion with a request for solving their website problem. The old website had several issues: It was outdated both in terms of technology and data, it was hard to update and it was using old Flash technology to present some of the media on the website. Pro Agens needed a new, modern platform that will solve all the above mentioned issues.

The Solution

After analyzing all the requirements and needs of the client, NeaVizion proposed a solution which would solve all issues, as well as provide more advancements.

In a period of 45 days NeaVizion rebuilt the whole concept of how Pro Agens presented the content to their subscribers.

Using WordPress as a CMS and utilizing its capabilities for implementing subscription based access to content, the solution provided easy way for the end user, Pro Agens to create and manage new content without the need of a web developer, and a simple way of defining which content is available to paid users and which one is for public access.

The new portal used the most advanced web technologies and works across all modern browsers and all devices including tablets and mobile phones. It utilizes responsive design making reading of the content easy even on smallest screens.

The huge amount of information bulletins that Pro Agens delivers are intelligently separated into appropriate categories and subcategories. Some of the most important categories also have automatically created annual archives.

All media is now presented in a HTML5 compatible way. At the request of the Client, NeaVizion also installed and configured a PHP based forum.

The Finished Product

Pro Agens now has a modern and comprehensive CMS system made with mobile-friendly technologies and what is most important they now have an easy tool for providing content to their paid subscribers without the need of a web developer.

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