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8 reasons why you need a new website

Why a new website?

These days, during this lasting world wide financial crisis and low economy moments, investing in a new website may be the last thing on your mind. You probably think that your current website is good enough until things turn better. You might think that your view is correct, but lets look at some of the problems with this idea:

  1. While you stand still, your competition is moving forward and reaching to your own clientele!
  2. If your website is not mobile friendly, you immediately loose millions of smart phone users and possible visitors to your site.
  3. An updated and professional looking site will convey a level of success and show that your business is still doing well, whereas an old, stagnant site will make people think you are either out of business or not a successful enough business to effectively market yourself in the twenty first century.
  4. SEO or Search Engine Optimization of the site during a redesign is often one of the reasons for the update and is extremely helpful in getting your site back up to where it should be on Search Engines such as Google,Yahoo and Bing.
  5. Allows you to re-focus your website to better suite your clients. During the redesign process we analyze what was lacking in the older version and make sure to make your site as profitable as possible using analytics and user tracking.
  6. Maybe your competitors are stagnant or they’re scrambling to update themselves. Then now is the perfect opportunity to fly past them and absorb they’re market share with a fresh new look.
  7. Gives you an entirely new online presence for which to market in social networks, media campaigns and print advertisements. Something you’re not only proud of but excited to introduce.
  8. Now may be the perfect opportunity to take control of your newly designed site by adding such tools as a full site CMS (Content Management System) allowing you to easily manage your online content from any computer and from any location in the world, and keep your site fresh and new.
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