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Do I need a Website Redesign?

It is hard to believe but maybe you don’t have a website yet!? More likely you, your hobby, or your business has probably had a website for a while now, but is it time for you to redesign? In the current messy jungle that is the world wide web, only a very few websites succeed to rise above the millions of standard, classic websites. Keeping your visitors on a site for just a few seconds more can make all the difference.

In the last few years, as the world makes unstoppable changes, the nature of websites has also changed, and it moved a lot towards the blog-like website. Having a blog on your new site is necessary when looking to increase SEO (search engine optimization) as the most important factor for bringing traffic (visitors) to your website. Having a nicely optimized Blog on your site, you can write about relevant topics for your business, interests or hobby, upcoming company events, and really anything that you want your potential clients to see. A blog is an easy way to integrate all of your news in one place thus promoting your website on the search engines.

More important, today, people are now looking for websites on their mobile devices on a regular basis. And your website could be the determining factor when the mobile user is deciding where to take his or her business. Ideally, your company will also have a mobile-friendly site that lends itself well to the mobile consumer. Websites have become a part of the decision-making process, and having a site that has all of your important information right in the customer’s hands is essential to driving business into your store.

Aside from a mobile site, your traditional site should also be aesthetically pleasing and be consistent with the branding of your company. It should be a digital ambassador to your company. A warm and inviting interface can reinforce positive feelings towards your company. Also, integrate the capabilities of interaction on your site. Let your audience submit their email, comment, or provide a way for you to aggregate a database for eNewsletters.

Having a social media platform is designed to drive traffic to your site. You don’t want a nicely laid out Facebook page that links to a cluttered, poorly-designed website. That is detrimental to your business, and will ultimately drive traffic away from your site.

So why not consider a new, cheap yet professional, fast yet beautiful, modern, social, and mobile-friendly website? It may be a venture worth investing in, and what’s more important you can do it in just a few days with just a few euros/dollars.

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